TAlerts LA - LA Transit Service AlertsApp Store Badge-150x52 

Want to get informed about the current service status of the transit authorities you’re using? Being tired of getting information about service changes and delays when arriving at the station or platform? Wouldn’t it be great to have information for all transit authorities of your region at a glance before you’re heading towards the station? We thought it would be great. And this is our answer. TAlerts Apps to show all travel alerts and advisories for main public transportation systems in certain areas.

Never again miss any of the important travel information such as:

  • Schedule changes and other service adjustments
  • Delays
  • Station advisories
  • Important announcement from the transit authorities.


  • All information is based on online data provided by the transit authorities.
  • The Apps require an Internet connection in order to retrieve the provided online data.
  • You can chose between different color schemas.
  • Support the following languages: English (default), Spanish, Italian, French and German.

Jotto ABC - Follow the PencilApp Store Badge-150x52

Jotto ABC is the ideal drawing app for kids to learn writing letters and numbers in a fun and easy way. The children learn playfully the writing of the letters 'A' to 'Z' of the alphabet (capital and non capital) and the numbers 0 to 9 by following the trace of the animated pencil we call Jotto. In this way the correct writing process is trained, because the children do not just draw over a static image but practice the correct writing pattern and line drawing order instead. Uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers can be practiced separately. After a vey short time the children are able to write the letters and numbers independently without any help of Jotto.



The app is modeled as a drawing board for children and is as easy to use, because the user interface of Jotto ABC is specifically designed for children. There are only few and very intuitive buttons and graphical elements which are completely self-explanatory. The children will never be confused by any suddenly appearing dialogs or items because there are none. The app contains an additional "freehand" mode, where the children can easily draw on the drawing board with their finger or a stylus and where they can select the characters and numbers and place them as a stamp anywhere on the page. In this way the kids can learn to build the first words and names.

Jotto - Learn to DrawApp Store Badge-150x52

Jotto is the ideal drawing app for kids to learn drawing in a fun and easy way. The children learn by following the traces of the little pencil "Jotto", who draws the selected images step-by-step. The app is modeled as a drawing board and is as easy to use, because the user interface is specifically designed for children. There are only few and very intuitive buttons and graphical elements which are completely self-explanatory. The children will never be confused by any suddenly appearing dialogs or items because there are none.



The Jotto drawing board has two different modes: The first mode - the 'Jotto' mode - is the highlight of this unique app. Using this mode the children learn easily how to draw simple pictures by following the trace of the small pencil we call "Jotto". Step-by-step the little Jotto draws partials sections of the picture and only if the children reaches the position of the pencil Jotto paints the next section. In this way, the children learn that and how images are composed by different sections. That is they do not just copy the images but learn how to draw them playfully. After a very short time they can draw the pictures themselves without any help of Jotto.

Jotto knows a variety of motives, among which the kids can move freely back and forth. There are for example the following subjects included:

  • House
  • Castle
  • Firetruck
  • Aircraft
  • Railway
  • many animals
  • and much more...

This list will be expanded gradually. Just tell us what motives you would like to draw.

In the second mode - the freehand mode - the kids can easily draw on the drawing board with their finger or a stylus. Intuitively, small images can be selected and can be placed as a stamp all over the page.


Be strong, be slim, bslim!App Store Badge-150x52

 'bslim' (be slim) is your electronic food journal that helps you to loose weight and make healthy choices. With 'bslim' you do not need to write down all your food and activities into your paper journal anymore. With 'bslim' you'll never forget what you ate during the day. And, to visually see what you've already achieved, you can always take a photo of yourself to see how your face and body changed since you started loosing weight. You know, a picture is worth a thousand words.


"Thanks to 'bslim' which makes it very easy to track all my daily foods and activities", said Torsten Geise, partner of TnT Brain. Torsten lost more than 30 kilograms within one year. "After a short amount of time I put all foods that I usually eat into the food list. This way I could pick my favorite foods very quickly to put them into my daily food list."


As we used 'bslim' on a daily basis by ourselves, 'bslim' is written with focus on maximum efficiency and quickness. 'bslim' will help you documenting your daily food use and will motivate you to stay on track loosing weight and reach your goals.


A healthy diet should also be accompanied by a daily consumption of up to 5  fruit and vegetable units of, up to 3 milk units, at least 6 water units and daily activities. bslim also supports you to document these items. You can define the number of fruit&vegetable units as well as the number of milk units for every food item. In addition, since bslim 2.0, you can also mark foot items as rich of calcium, protein or carbohydrate, as well as mark them as satiable. bslim shows this information in your daily food list.


And this is how 'bslim' works:

  • When you start bslim the first time, you'll enter some information such as your name, your size, your daily units, etc. You can also choose a basic food list as your starting list. 
  • You can add new food items, edit existing food items and delete food items to manage your food list.
  • The Today view is your main view. Here you can add your daily foods, activities, extra units, water units and your current weight. 
  • Based on your daily foods, 'bslim' calculates your used daily and weekly units.
  • The Week view gives an overview of used units of the current (or past) WeightWatchers week. 
  • The Statistic view keeps you motivated - in case you need some support in this area. 
  • 'bslim' can also show the used daily units as a badge on your iPhone home screen.


There is even more to explore. Check it out, have fun and keep motivated.


Congratulations, if you've got a familiar ring when reading this description. You've found the right iPhone app. Because of legal reasons, we can not call a spade a spade. But anyway, we all know what the app is about, don't we? You'll have a lot of fun keeping your journal up-to-date. 

SalesCheck. Enjoy your App Sales!App Store Badge-150x52

SalesCheck is an iPhone/iPad app that gives iOS developers deep insight into their iOS app sales. SalesCheck has been developed because iTunes Connect lacks of many statistic data. 

The data are collected by means of Apple's AutoIngestion tool. SalesCheck downloads the data and stores them into a CoreData database. Therefore, the relevant data are downloaded only once. With AutoIngestion it's possible to download data of the last 30 days, 26 weeks, 12 month and all years. If you check your sales on a daily basis you'll end up with a complete database containing every day sales.

In detail, SalesCheck provides the following information:

  • Downloads View
    • Number of paid, free, in-app and updated apps per day, week, month, year and all time.
    • You can move the day, the week, the month and the year back and force in order to see detailed sales information of the selected time period. 
    • For every sales category (paid, free, etc.) you can get detailed information about the apps or the countries where an app was sold.
  • Map View
    • Check the map to see your world-wide sales. The more sales the bigger the flag.
    • As in the Downloads view, you can change the time period to see your sales per day, week, month, year and all time.
    • Tap on an icon to get detailed information about the number of paid, free, in-app and updated apps in this country.
  • Events View
    • The events view shows all versions of all apps or one selected app.
    • The versions are grouped by month within the current year and grouped by year for all past years.
    • Tap on one version to get the number of paid, free, in-app and updated apps for the selected version.
  • Statistics View
    • This view provides comprehensive statistical information.
    • At a glance, you see the number of downloads of the past 4 days, weeks, months and years.
    • As for the other views, you can change the download category (paid, free, in-app and updated apps), change between all apps and all countries, and even select single apps or single countries.
    • Tap a number to see the number of downloads, e.g. see all downloads of paid apps of the next to last month.