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SalesCheck is an iPhone/iPad app that gives iOS developers deep insight into their iOS app sales. SalesCheck has been developed because iTunes Connect lacks of many statistic data. 

The data are collected by means of Apple's AutoIngestion tool. SalesCheck downloads the data and stores them into a CoreData database. Therefore, the relevant data are downloaded only once. With AutoIngestion it's possible to download data of the last 30 days, 26 weeks, 12 month and all years. If you check your sales on a daily basis you'll end up with a complete database containing every day sales.

In detail, SalesCheck provides the following information:

  • Downloads View
    • Number of paid, free, in-app and updated apps per day, week, month, year and all time.
    • You can move the day, the week, the month and the year back and force in order to see detailed sales information of the selected time period. 
    • For every sales category (paid, free, etc.) you can get detailed information about the apps or the countries where an app was sold.
  • Map View
    • Check the map to see your world-wide sales. The more sales the bigger the flag.
    • As in the Downloads view, you can change the time period to see your sales per day, week, month, year and all time.
    • Tap on an icon to get detailed information about the number of paid, free, in-app and updated apps in this country.
  • Events View
    • The events view shows all versions of all apps or one selected app.
    • The versions are grouped by month within the current year and grouped by year for all past years.
    • Tap on one version to get the number of paid, free, in-app and updated apps for the selected version.
  • Statistics View
    • This view provides comprehensive statistical information.
    • At a glance, you see the number of downloads of the past 4 days, weeks, months and years.
    • As for the other views, you can change the download category (paid, free, in-app and updated apps), change between all apps and all countries, and even select single apps or single countries.
    • Tap a number to see the number of downloads, e.g. see all downloads of paid apps of the next to last month.